Biography of Director General of Administrative Office of the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan



Professional Experience with the Government of Afghanistan

Dr. Fazel Mahmood Fazly, son of Professor Dr. Abdul Qadeer and grandson of Malek Fazluddin is currently the Director General of the Administrative Office of the President. Previously, he served as Chief Advisor to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani between  (year).

In 2018, H.E. the President, appointed Dr. Fazel Mahmood Fazly as his Chief Advisor. Henceforth, he has been involved in historical political decisions regarding Afghanistan, such as, election commission reforms, and parliamentary and presidential elections.  He also played an important role in creating consensus among politicians in  Afghanistan's political spectrum.

Dr. Fazly has worked with the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, for 12 years, including during his previous three presidential elections as his close aide. 

As Director -General, Dr. Fazly works on institutional effectiveness, governance, support and execution of mega projects.

Background and Career

Dr. Fazly was born on April 12, 1977 in Jalalabad, Nangarhar. He spent his early childhood and youth in Nangarhar province and pursued his education even during the Taliban's regime. Dr. Fazly finished his High School from Jalalabad and went on to study Medicine in the Medical Faculty of Nangarhar University.  In 2000, he graduated in Honors (Specific name of the course)  and was subsequently selected as an assistant in the surgery department based on a competitive entrance examination.

During his high school and university days, Dr. Fazly worked part-time in National Radio Television in Jalalabad.

He then went to the United Kingdom for specialized training in Surgery following which he worked as a surgeon in many leading British medical research institutions for seven years.

He moved to Sweden in 2009 for his second specialization in family medicine.  He worked as a Family Doctor in a Stockholm Hospital until 2018.

At the end of 2018 , Dr. Fazly returned back to Afghanistan to serve his country.

Personal life and Extra-curricular interests

 Dr. Fazly is married and has a son and two daughters. Besides Pashto and Dari, Dr. Fazly is also fluent in English, Swedish, and Norwegian.

During his time abroad, Dr. Fazly would travel from time to time to Afghanistan. During his visits, Dr. Fazly would meet different leaders and political actors who were part of the Afghan polity.

During his stay abroad, he managed diaspora events and programs during Afghan elections.

In arts, Dr. Fazly attained mastery over seven types of Islamic calligraphy for which he is well-known. He has trained hundreds of students in the eastern provinces of the country who are still serving the country to keep this Islamic art alive.