Assets Declaration & Review

The Assets Declaration and Review Office, established in accordance with the Article 154 of the Constitution to eliminate corruption under the supervision of the Anti-Corruption Office.

Subsequently, the above-mentioned office was merged with the Administrative Office of the President on 11/05/2017.

This directorate works in accordance with Article 154 of the Constitution, the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, and Article 20 of the UNCAC Convention against Corruption.

The main objectives of this office are to implement the process of registration, review and publication of assets and to establish a monitoring mechanism on the assets of high-ranking government officials, government officials and other qualified people.

The Assets Registration and Audit Office have the following six sections:

Registration and Dissemination Department;

Department of Analysis;

Department of Investigation;

Department Of Publication and Public Awareness;

Department of Archives and Systems;

Executive Management

Assets Declaration & Review

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