As disrupting the social contract between the citizen and the state through an all-out attack on freedoms embodied in the creation of the nation state and the international system is the core objective of the Fifth Wave, mobilization of the state system at all levels is crucial to defeating and destroying this wave of violence against citizens and states.



Kabul, a city of ancient history which had been a home for kings and crowns. In the past, a wall, which still its remainders exist, enclosed the city with six entrance gates. Each of the doors were known with a certain name…


Government Media Center Directorate

The Government Media Center Directorate is operational to provide information on timely and precise manner, to distribute information on a regular and sustainable basis, and to build coordination between governmental entities and free media in the area of providing information. The directorate also works to develop the capacity of communication offices.

The overall objectives of this directorate include accessing to information and data from Afghan government sources; broadcasting and publishing of coordinated information; capacity building of personnel of media offices and government institutions, establishing and strengthening better relation between government, media and public through public awareness programs; preparing comprehensive communicational strategy for Afghan government in the area of sharing and disturbing information and data; and increasing public awareness about performances and achievement of government.