After murder of innocents, no guilt is heavier than infliction of fear on divine worshipers and their deprivation from necessary security and peace intended for fulfilling religious obligations. Individuals, preventing Muslims from fulfillment of Islamic rituals in the Islamic society, are in open enmity with the religion and …



Kabul, a city of ancient history which had been a home for kings and crowns. In the past, a wall, which still its remainders exist, enclosed the city with six entrance gates. Each of the doors were known with a certain name…


Audit and Scrutiny Directorate

Audit and Scrutiny Directorate functions under the Deputy General Directorate of Monitoring, Evaluation and Audit. The directorate utilizes the systematic processes to help in value-creating and developing of processes, procedures, systems, risk management and internal controlling systems.

The directorate, with conducting regular operational assessments, is responsible for auditing and assessing Administrative Office of the President as well as those budgetary units working under auspices of AOP.

  This directorate also acts through its assessments in providing consultations and assuring the leadership of AOP on professional, independent and impartial manner in order to improve, reform and develop the processes, procedures, enactments as well as risk management and assessment of internal controlling system.