We will not witness enduring peace unless a strong state is established in the society. Strong state doesn’t mean personal power, but rule of law, implementation of the Constitution and ensuring equality of each Afghan with another Afghan.



Kabul, a city of ancient history which had been a home for kings and crowns. In the past, a wall, which still its remainders exist, enclosed the city with six entrance gates. Each of the doors were known with a certain name…


Coordination of International Relations and Local Governance Affairs Directorate

This directorate functions under General Deputy General Directorate on Coordination of the Government’s Affairs. The directorate, as coordinator ensures to provide immediate access to information for the presidential office and other officials in order to provide, in a short period of time, comprehensive, precise and documented information about various areas, from all over provinces, districts, municipalities, local councils, villages, electoral and developing councils.

The (CIRLGAD) carries out its affairs in the areas of, removing gap between people and government, strengthening mutual relations between people and statesmen, institutionalizing orders and decrees among people, simplifying the communicative process between government and people, and executing on timely manner the suggestions, requests and petitions of people.